"Hey guys, please enjoy reading my blog. Sorry for any mistakes. Just practicing my written and english skill. Thanks!" :)


Kini aku mengerti.
Betapa mengapa mereka berdakwah dengan sungguh dan hanya demi mendapatkan ridho-Nya
Betapa cintanya mereka pada saudaranya.
Betapa mereka mengerti bahwa dunia ini hanyalah ujian belaka.
Betapa tidak relanya mereka melihat saudaranya dalam kesesatan.
Betapa indah nikmat iman dan islam.
Betapa benar cantiknya akhlaq seorang mukmin sejati.
Allah, betapa sedikitnya pemahamanku tentang hidup.
Betapa banyak seharusnya hamba bersyukur.
Betapa tak sedikit pun pantasnya hamba berkeluh kesah.
Mohon ampunkan aku.
Mohon izinkan aku untuk menjadi muslimah sejati.
Mohon dampingi aku sahabat yang semisi

Time Passes, Everything Changes

It has been so long time, and i miss to writing in this lovely blog.
One year have been passed so fast.
There was so many things happened to me.
And i spend my entire time so seriously (of course there was proposal, skripsweet, study apoteker/profession and everything in it).
Now, everything was changed.
I have been one more step forward of my life.
I'm not a student anymore (hahahaha, so happy),
but sometimes i really miss the time where i was a student.
Aaah, here the time passes by, and here my life lie on.
Sometimes i still dont believe that i have to go to the office everyday now, not college anymore. haha 
And i work not in my hometown (Surabaya) but hijrah to Jakarta, my Indonesian capital city.
Ooooh still dont believe it until now.
I had to struggle here alone, without my family.
Aaah, how i miss Surabaya so much. My home, my family, all of my friends.
I never feels so alone there, althought i just alone in home.
But here, in Jakarta, everything different.
I have so much friends here (not too much, but absolutely more than one, hehe),
 but i feels like alone everytime. But dont worry, i'll struggle. 
I have new wifi connection now (i'm using bolt, and i hope can make some review about it). haha 
And i will do everything i wanna do here, and all the reason why i have to be here. :)
Insya Allah... I wanna be someone i want and have to be.
Pray for me, and thank you so much have reading this, friends.  :)

From J (jakarta) to every places in the world.

Photo Session

Yeay, photo session for FFUA'09 year book with a full team. Oke, this is a shortest and the fast(est) photo session ever. heheh... But still feeling happy because i can take some pictures with a balloon. A dream comes true. heheh But i still wanna do this again, take some pictures, in a beach, with so much colorfull balloon. Aaaaaaa....

i love pink :)

me and ajeng

thanks to pita, for have lend me this balloon. heheh

colorfull balloon


so hot xp

the photographer team

taken some pics

bought some stikers. Love sticker :) 

 bought this all today. To much chocolate, to much calories. hahah :)

Choco candy. :)

Edu Exhibition

I really want to go abroad. I love travelling, go to a new place and take some (much) pictures. Indonesia has so much beautiful place, but  i just still have a dream to go abroad. And i hope this dream will be come true. Aamiin. :)
One step more, my friend asked me to acompanied her to go to international education exhibition. And absolutely i say yes. :) heheh...
Study abroad, yes maybe its a good idea and will be my way to reach up my dream. yey aamiin... 
Creating new dreaming list. :)

take a picture here, for free. xp 

bought some cosmetics for cemara's photo session. :)

Halbihal KKN Bringin Sampang

Met some KKN member team. Yeah! 
We have planned to go to Bringin village in Sampang-Madura for halal bi halal and nostalgia. yey!

partial KKN team

bebek sinjay

mini burger and sambosa ala umi

sambosa bites

lunch menu's soto ala umi

hey childrens :)

[up]: one, rizky [center]: ayu, yuniar, teh tine, umi, me, tia [down]; the childrens :)

yuniar in cravings (it means ngidam. heheh)

Oh my God, so full. Eat three times in a half of day. haha... The rubber stomach boy and girl. LOL