"Hey guys, please enjoy reading my blog. Sorry for any mistakes. Just practicing my written and english skill. Thanks!" :)

Halbihal KKN Bringin Sampang

Met some KKN member team. Yeah! 
We have planned to go to Bringin village in Sampang-Madura for halal bi halal and nostalgia. yey!

partial KKN team

bebek sinjay

mini burger and sambosa ala umi

sambosa bites

lunch menu's soto ala umi

hey childrens :)

[up]: one, rizky [center]: ayu, yuniar, teh tine, umi, me, tia [down]; the childrens :)

yuniar in cravings (it means ngidam. heheh)

Oh my God, so full. Eat three times in a half of day. haha... The rubber stomach boy and girl. LOL

Happy Holiday & Happy Wedding

Have a short holiday with my lovely cemara class. We rent a villa and stay a night long. Yey! :)

 O ya, happy wedding for Rida and her husband. Hope you two being sakinah, mawadah, and warohmah family. :)

Yudi siuman

Oh, alhamdulillah. Have finished my "sidang skripsi" so nicely (revision poke. xp). Today is a yudisium day. In the facto, my name changing become Eka Kurniasih, S.Farm, but the jure i aint yet. It's because of i have not wisuda yet. hehe... Oh i still dont believe it "S,farm" being a part of my name. hahah :)

with my bestie cinantyams

with my partial cemara

with my dosen wali

Oke, the next step are finishing my revision and study hard to get my "apt" title. Yey, superspirit. :)