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Time Passes, Everything Changes

It has been so long time, and i miss to writing in this lovely blog.
One year have been passed so fast.
There was so many things happened to me.
And i spend my entire time so seriously (of course there was proposal, skripsweet, study apoteker/profession and everything in it).
Now, everything was changed.
I have been one more step forward of my life.
I'm not a student anymore (hahahaha, so happy),
but sometimes i really miss the time where i was a student.
Aaah, here the time passes by, and here my life lie on.
Sometimes i still dont believe that i have to go to the office everyday now, not college anymore. haha 
And i work not in my hometown (Surabaya) but hijrah to Jakarta, my Indonesian capital city.
Ooooh still dont believe it until now.
I had to struggle here alone, without my family.
Aaah, how i miss Surabaya so much. My home, my family, all of my friends.
I never feels so alone there, althought i just alone in home.
But here, in Jakarta, everything different.
I have so much friends here (not too much, but absolutely more than one, hehe),
 but i feels like alone everytime. But dont worry, i'll struggle. 
I have new wifi connection now (i'm using bolt, and i hope can make some review about it). haha 
And i will do everything i wanna do here, and all the reason why i have to be here. :)
Insya Allah... I wanna be someone i want and have to be.
Pray for me, and thank you so much have reading this, friends.  :)

From J (jakarta) to every places in the world.

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